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Master the Straddle
Taught by Daniel Vadnal, Calisthenics Expert, Physiotherapist and YouTube Influencer
What is Planche Pro?
A 16 week training program for all strength levels, even beginners!

Never get stuck again! Planche Pro is designed for constant progress without stalling.
How does Planche Pro work?
The entire training program is available the moment registration is complete.
Train at Your Own Pace
Planche Pro includes over 16 weeks of training. We teach you how to modify each exercise to suit ALL strength levels, beginner-advanced. 
Full Video Library and Exercise Guide
The training portal contains over 60 videos, coaching you through all the exercises with perfect form.
Mobile and Tablet Friendly
The Planche Pro system has been optimized for all devices with internet access including mobile and tablet, making it your perfect companion when you want to train on-the-go.

Review and Revisit as Much as You Like
Once you’ve bought Planche Pro, the course will be permanently available for you to access, including any future updates.
The Planche Pro Video Portal
The portal consists of seven sections, including over 60 videos.
Each section is designed to take you closer to mastering the straddle planche.

Straight Arm Exercises
Progressions are shown to suit all strength levels. Avoid plateaus by using our unique principles.

Bent Arm Exercises
The pushing exercises will build your planche pushup strength. 

Weak Link Exercises
Avoid slow progress and frustration by learning the key scapula and rotator cuff exercises. No more weakness in the upper back and arms. 
Core Exercises
We'll teach you the best exercises to prevent the dreaded banana back when holding a planche.

The eBook

As an added bonus, Planche Pro also includes a comprehensive eBook (80+ pages) designed to help you make the most of your planche training. The following topics are covered:
01 |  Learn why bands are the secret for unlocking maximal planche pushup strength.

02 | How to avoid common planche training mistakes and errors.

03 | The 10 most powerful principles for planche success.

04 | Learn the perfect planche technique for your body type.

05 | How to avoid plateaus by using new planche progressions - no more being stuck at the same level!

06 | Debunking 5 popular planche myths the average person believes.

Hey, I'm Daniel Vadnal the director of FitnessFAQs. Since 2010 our mission has been to provide the highest quality calisthenics education.

Our method for bodyweight mastery uses the latest science combined with real world experience. The results speak for themselves. 
* Master of Physiotherapy 
* Bachelor of Exercise Science
* 10+ years Calisthenics training experience
* Worldwide Workshops

Social Media:
* Over 875K YouTube subscribers and 80M+ video views
* Over 165K Instagram followers

Early Adopter Feedback

"As someone who’s over 6” tall planche strength has always come rather slowly. Following the principles taught in Planche Pro, I feel like I’ve made more progress in 3 months than in the previous year on my own. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to test the program." – Jose

"Before Planche Pro I was a complete beginner. I’d spent some time watching YouTube videos but still felt confused with how to create a planche workout. The program allowed me to change exercises to suit my level of strength, it was easy to follow. I’m now holding a 15s tuck planche when I couldn’t even get my legs off the ground at the start lol." – Kevin

"After doing bodybuilding style workouts for 2 years, I was getting bored and wanted to experiment with a different type of training. Planche Pro has shown me what it takes to start learning the planche, especially as a calisthenics newbie. Cheers for making training fun again." - Alvin

More testimonials available on our testimonials page
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the workouts take?
Roughly 1 hour, 4x per week. However, we think you'll be enjoying your strength sessions too much to notice.
Are pulling exercises included?
Pulling exercises are not included in Planche Pro. The eBook outlines guidelines for training pulling exercises and skills within your weekly schedule. 
If I need help, can I get support?
You will be invited to our private FitnessFAQs VIP forum. Connect with others using Planche Pro, stay motivated and accountable.
What equipment do I need?
1. Floor space!

2. Resistance bands light to heavy and something to anchor them from

3. Light dumbbells or free weights

4. Dip belt for weighted pushups

5. (Optional) paralletes or pushup bars if you have inflexible wrists
What exercises will I learn?
1. Straight arm planche progressions and planche pushup exercises for all levels

2. Wall-assisted handstand pushups, weighted pushups and much more.

3. Core and hip stability exercises. Scapula and rotator cuff strength. 
Am I too tall or heavy?
The Planche Pro method can be followed by everyone. We teach you how to modify the exercises to suit your level of strength. You don't need to be able to balance in a handstand either. 
Will I build muscle?
Yes. The arms, shoulders and chest will be developed, especially during phase one of Planche Pro, which has plenty of training volume.
I'm a beginner, can I follow Planche Pro?
Nearly every exercise can be scaled down to suit beginners looking to start their planche journey. We recommend at a minimum being able to do one wall assisted handstand pushup and 10 regular pushups.
The knowledge and results are yours for life.
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